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History of Bahman Motor Company

History of Bahman Motor Company Bahman Motor Company was founded in 1952 under the title of Iran Khalij Co. Joint Stock Company with initial capital of Rls 600,000 as a transportation operator and customs clearance agent and was registered in the bureau of company registration with no. 3939. As of 1959 the company started the assembly of Mazda three-wheel pick-up with the cargo capacity of 200 Kg and later the company increased range of products to Mazda 1000 with cargo capacity of 500 Kg and Mazda 1600 with cargo capacity of 1 Ton. According to the decision made in the General Extraordinary Assembly of Shareholders the company changed name from Khalij Co. to Mazda Automobile manufacturing in Jun.7, 1971. later in Jun.27,1984 it changed name to Iran vanet Co.(private stock) and finally in Feb.24, 1992 it became a public stock company and entered Tehran Stock Exchange in Mar.9,1994 As of the beginning of Mar.1994 upon the privatization of the company, the activities of the company were considerably expanded. Finally The decision made in the General Extraordinary Assembly of Shareholders for changing articles of association on July.19, 1999 marked a turning point in the history of company and by changing name to Bahman Group as a holding company. After changing the name to Bahman Group and modifying the subject of activities, Iran Vanet Co., continued activities exclusively in the production of vehicles under the name of Bahgman Motor Center. The new board of directors subjects increased in production, capacity utilization, parts localization, profitability, variety in products, dynamic subsidiaries, greater customer satisfaction by optimizing and increasing products quality, after -sales service and low cost spare parts supply available on its agenda. After signing a contract with the Japanese Motors company Mitsubishi in 2002, were provided a variety of vehicle types production, the company also received ISO 14001 and OHSAS18000 ISO / TS 16949 certificates, also acquisition of 16% ownership of Saipa Company and achieves the first rank in Tehran's Stock Exchange. In 2003 Bahman Group has been awarded "Superior Technology Award" and one of the top hundred companies and with the launch of Mitsubishi Pajero entered to 4WD market. In 2005 the company produced passenger car Mazda 3 and with the lunch of a vehicle Van under the name NARVAN on the same year enters to the Van's market. On year 2006 also keep maintaining its leadership in industry by achieving the first rank in Tehran's Stock Exchange. In 2008 a new passenger car" Mazda 3" and" Capra 1600" double cap pickup were produced and released to the market. In year 2010 new "Mazda 2", "Mazda3" and "Capra" pickup were lunched into market and also on the same year Bahman Motor Center. Succeeds to obtain Four Star Award for Business Excellence in the field of human resources. Year 2011 began with production of Mazda 1600 passenger vehicle , sedans B50, and Mini-track. Eventually in year 2012 Bahman Motor Center became independent company under Bahman Motor Co. and it is currently one of the most important strategic company with Group Bahman.
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