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Introduction To Bahman Motor Co

Bahman Motor Company belonging to Bahman Group (Public Held Co.) as a parent and one of the company that is active in Iranian's automotive industry The company's mission is to manufacture and assembly of Luxury vehicle as Mazda 3.2 and GM (B50) , Kara Pickup ( single and double cab), Luxury Pickup ( single and double cab / Capra 4WD ) and Mini- Track to supply domestic markets and also exports to regional markets, that in line with these objectives is currently Cooperating with four companies MAZDA, ISUZU, ZX, FAW, and CHANGHE. The company with an emphasis on modern technologies in the field of automotive production with assembly of luxury vehicle, reliable and consistent with international standards in passenger vehicle sector for the social and public welfare of citizens needs, the both families as well as public transportation, therefore the company not only provide a part of domestic demands for vehicle also to prevent the currency out of the country. Bahman Motor co. with relying on valuable assets as shareholders, empowering staff, experts and experienced managers, which is moving continuously and dynamical towards her vision through predefined objectives.
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